Egg Withdrawl Safeguard ???


12 Years
May 14, 2011
North Florida
I'm deworming my girls. On several threads, I've read there's a 24 day egg withdrawal period. However I have read on another thread that you do not have to withdrawal following Safeguard. So which is it?

Please do not tell me to use DE or ACV or pumpkin seeds. As a misinformed newbie, that's what I did.... And I nearly lost my whole flock! All but one of my old hens! Now the old girl and her young pullet friends are going to be properly dewormed. Just need to know if I have to toss the eggs for 24days? If you can point me in the direction of who/where you got your information, that would be a blessing as well.

Thanks :)
It doesn't say on the container because Safeguard is a goat dewormer. I found a few threads here that said 2wk withdrawal but then another thread said no withdrawal. Just wondering which is right and if there is any research either way? I googled and tries to read around but didn't find anything on the withdrawal. I did find a university study that confirmed Safeguard's use off label as a chicken dewormer... But no info on the eggs.

Thanks for any insight.
In reality no study has been done therefore no written claim can be made. 10 days to 2 weeks is standard practice. Some de-wormers never even enter the blood stream therefore there would be no withdrawal period for eggs. Hey, if your worried the two week mark would be good to use.

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