Egg Without A Shell


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9 Years
Jan 31, 2010
Palo Alto, CA
Gad Zooks! I collected 4 eggs today and one of them had no shell.

The egg was contained in a membrane but there was no shell around it. It was like holding a water balloon.
I've been feeding my girls organic crumble, they get fresh veggie scraps from the garden, scratch, and I also put out oyster shells.
What gives?
It happens from time to time, even when you are offering oyster shell. Unless it becomes a regular thing, I wouldn't worry about it.
Are they new layers? Sometimes when they first start their plumbing takes a while to fine-tune. If they have been laying for a while, it could be the start of an internal layer problem. Could also just be a hiccup in the system but I would recommend increasing the oyster shell quantity. We usually mix it in with their crumbles and feed free choice.
Exactly my understanding after going through the same thing with my birds. Not to worry!

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