Egg yolk, banana, and egg shell....

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by thunderkitty, May 10, 2007.

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    So these are the things I took it upon myself to feed my 2 week old chicks as a treat. They are in a new home (box) now as of today and it is considerably larger, and I lowered their light to compensate. A few of them had been laying on their sides and raising a wing which is new for them. Do you guys think this is because thy are hot or should I have given them some grit? [​IMG] When I come near and they get spooked they do move so they aren't sick so to speak. One of them was visibly panting till I came near him and tried to look...
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    If they are panting they are too hot. Raise the light back up and they will move towards it or away as they need.
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    Egg shell, huh? This is on top of they're regular feed right? Too much extra calcium can be more harmful at younger ages, from what I hear. Maybe you have had different experiences? Best of luck, though...
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    yeah it seems so about the egg shell...I didn't realize it at the time though...I guess I had read in some outdated book about it being good for them but, I hadn't considered age. I'll be raising the light... Thanks!
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    I wouldn't feed them the egg shells, if you are feeding a good starter, they don't need the extra calcium at that age.
    About the grit, see if your starter label says no grit needed, if it doesn't, give them grit.

    They are so cute when they lay down and are "sunning". That is what we call what they are doing when they are on their sides and have one wing stretched out or up, usually under the light.

    Check your temperature with a thermometer to make sure they are not getting too hot. They have to have enough room to get away from the heat. Is the box large enough for them to escape the heat? If they are panting, they are too hot....they will pant, and hold their wings away from their bodies. If you have them doing this, you must give them a place to get away from the heat.

    At 2 weeks, 85 degrees should be about the right temp in the heated area. Each chick will need a little different temp to be comfortable. Some like it warmer & some don't. Just like us.

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    If you are feeding commerical feed, you wont need grit, if you give treats though, let them play in the dirt and they will fine fine. You could go buy some tiny rocks though :p grit...
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    In response to the area. They were actually getting crowded in their old box so I got them a fridge box today and it seemed HUGE! [​IMG] This is why I had moved their light so low, to compensate. I can't get a decent reading yet in their box as they are again newly fascinated by the thermometer. I already raised the light slightly after reading posts and have another light on the far other end raised higher so they have a cooler but not freezing place to go (the gigantic box is in our room with our deep freeze and it can get chilly). Their feed does have grit in it as it is a "sole ration." I guess I had read somewhere that eggshells are "good" for chickens, but didn't realize till now that it was different for chicks, guess I know now [​IMG]. Thanks guys!
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    It won't seem HUGE for long....[​IMG]

    Just watch them, they will tell you if they are too cold. When they are comfortable, they peep a sweet sound & when they are cold, it has completely different tone. You will be able to tell when it is a stressful peep. Listen to them...they will tell you when something is wrong.

    Better get thinking about their next home...[​IMG] they grow so fast.
    My 2 week olds are already trying to fly to the top of their brooder box, which is about 18 inches from the ground.

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    Quote:Sounds a bit familiar... oh yeah mine too! [​IMG] here I thought mine were unusually talented...[​IMG] Oh well! By the way we are in the midst of insulating their soon to be coop and next it will be moved and get a brand new double pane window someone decided they didn't want from home depot that I got a steal on. It's huge too... The building is an old 11 1/2'x 14 1/2' "barn". I'm concerned about moving it which is a whole nother issue, but we are planning ahead. [​IMG]

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