Eggbound Hen

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    Managed to go 10 years without having one but I have an eggbound hen. She is currently soaking in warm water. She had a large amount of poop around her vent and her crop is empty. I can not feel an egg in her vent but her abdomen feels enlarged and she is doing the classic penguin walk.

    I know I need to get some electrolytes in her and I'm going to make her some scrambled eggs and try to get her to eat. But is there anything else I should be trying? And no vet around here will see chickens so that is out.
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    Feb 9, 2017
    The last eggbound I had was similar. When I checked for an egg in her bottom I felt none. I lubricated her vent and inside with baby oil. I put her to bed and by morning she had passed her egg. I also gave her crushed Tums. She wouldn't eat it so I made "Tums" water and made her drink. She's been perfect ever since

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