Eggbound or Internal Layer?


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Jan 8, 2011
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I have a 9 month old pullet that has not layed in several weeks. She stopped laying after the first cold night so I assumed she was just done for the winter. She is a tiny silkie x EE and only layed a couple of eggs a week anyway. She has been eating Manna Pro Layer with scrambled eggs as an occasional treat. No health issues up to this point.

Today when feeding the girls, I noticed she is standing with her wings slightly apart and her backside angled upwards with her tail drooping. She appears quite uncomfortable but did eat a little when food was offered. I noticed some blood in their food dish but can't be sure it is from her. It does feel like there could be an egg in her abdomen. Her vent appears normal and I've seen no straining.

I have her inside now and plan to lubricate her vent and soak her in a warm bath. Beyond that, I am at a loss.

Any suggestions from those of you who have dealt with this before? Is there a way to determine if she is eggbound or laying internally?

There are no vets around here that will see a chicken so that is not an option. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer.
I can't tell you about internal laying, but it sounds like she could be egg bound. I have had an egg bound hen from time to time and the treatment you described has always worked for me. I'm sure some others with more experience will give you advice.
Thank you. I hope just soaking her works.
Just before getting her in the tub for a soak, she pooped. It had green solids with clear runny fluid. I'm am thinking the fluid is albumin from the egg? What do I do if the egg is broken inside of her? She did not pass any shell. The rooster did try to mount her before I could get to her to bring her in. It could have broken then. She actually seems more comfortable now.

Any suggestions?
I soaked her. She has been blow dried and fed. Her appetite was unreal.....I thought I would lose a finger.
She does look more comfortable now. I am letting her sleep inside tonight. Hopefully she will pass anything left in her by morning. I felt her abdomen again and I can not say that I am 100% sure it is an egg issue.
The bath worked!
This morning she laid a funky shaped egg. Hopefully there will not be any more issues with her. Thank you to those who helped openly and through PMs.
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Thanks. I don't think she is lacking calcium. The egg shell was thicker that usual around the middle. All of my birds have much thicker shells than store bought. I was wondering if they are getting too much calcium from the egg maker feed.

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