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    I have a EE just a few months over 1yr old that I think was eggbound. Last Sunday evening noticed her just laying and standing around with a distant look in her eyes. We separated her from the flock, gave her water though she would only eat a bite or two. Poop was a bit loose. Monday, tried calling a vet with no luck finding one who treats chickens. I held her on my lap on a heating pad for about 20 min and then gave her more food & water. She seemed a bit more lively and wanted back with the flock. Tue, morning she laid an egg in the run and was eating and drinking with the flock. That was the last egg she laid. She seems pretty normal - eats, drinks, preens and comes for snacks. Should I be concerned that she hasn't laid any more eggs or is this normal after a chicken is egg bound?
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    My hen was eggbound ,aprox. 1 month ago ,since then she has laid only 2 eggs ,1normal,1 soft shell.

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