Eggcubator and Ebay problems

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by jhm47, May 13, 2015.

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    Bought an Eggcubator through Ebay about a month ago. When it arrived, I tried to set it up, but it wouldn't do anything. I contacted Eggcubator through the Ebay website and told them about it. They assured me that they would send me a new power cord on the following Monday. I had tested the cord they originally sent with a test light, and it was dead. Well, the following week passed, and no replacement cord. Another week passed, and I contacted the company again, with no reply. I was finally able to find another cord that fit into the incubator, and switched it on. It started up, and I followed the instructions to the letter. The incubator would not heat up to the desired temperature of 37.5 degrees C. I again tried to contact the company, and no reply. I tried everything I could think of, but the thing wouldn't heat up. Contacted Ebay, and their reply was that it was past 30 days, and I was out of luck.

    I would think that since I had contacted the company several times through the Ebay website that Ebay would stand behind their guarantee, but no dice. Now I have several dozen eggs (that I bought through Ebay), and they are too old to hatch. Not only that, but I also have an incubator that is junk.

    A couple hundred $$$ down the tubes, and nothing but aggravation from Eggcubator and Ebay. Won't be buying anything through Ebay ever again, and I hope those who read about this will also boycott the companies involved.
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    You already have the eggs, if you can beg or borrow another incubator, give them a go. You may not get a great hatch rate, but it won't be a total loss.

    There are a couple of other negative reviews about that incubator and the seller.
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    A friend of mine gave me one that she had purchased on ebay also. It won't get over 80 degrees.

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