Eggless Hen

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Mar 14, 2022
Hi, our Hens were born in Feb i think, we have 4 they are Meat/Layer Hens. We know Red lays an egg, One w Black tip on tail, the other looks like them but no Black a White tip. My question is, ONE of them doesnt lay and we dont' know which one. Our other chickens all laid, as did my moms when i was there. Anyone else have an Eggless Hen? thank you
Very rarely will you get 4 eggs from 4 hens, not every hen lays an egg a day.
Pictures? Some breeds take longer to mature.


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thank you so much, we had them before, a dog killed them, but because they were the first we were just happy we got eggs. These we never heard of, but because we are trying to adjust etc, started ?ing eggs. I never ? it but when i was caring for mom, my 9 Hens laid probly 3-4 a day, i never ? that either just happy to gather them. But you make perfect sense. :)

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