Eggs all dark inside when candled, what does it mean?


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My eggs are on day 16 today. I candled and out of 8 eggs, pretty much all the same shell color, 1 is clear, 2 I can see a definate embryo shape ( I think I saw movement), and the other 5 are all dark except for the air cell.

None of them smell or look any different, what does it mean?
Is there any small air cell in the dark eggs. Even a very small one. It could be that these are the more developed eggs.

Remove and trash the clear egg. Sounds like the others remain in the incubator. Remember no turning after day 18 and Happy and blessed hatching!
Sounds like you have about 7 babies growing in those eggs

I agree though, toss the clear egg.
So the ones that are all dark are normal? So what does that mean about the other two? What I thought was the embryo was smaller than the dark areas on the rest of the eggs. Are they just less developed?

I will toss the clear egg. Thank you.

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Some develop faster, maybe from warm spots in the 'bator. You may have some early hatches. That's what I'm hoping for you. The others, the ones with light spots, do you see any veining at all?

The other possibility is eggs that have died and turned black. If that's the case, when you tip the egg, you'll probably see black ooze into the air cell. If you don't just keep an eye on them, and if that oozing black liquid develops, or any start to smell bad, you may want to get them out of the 'bator.
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Oh, boy, rotten eggs are what I was afraid of. I am a first time candler, and my light isn't as strong as I would like, and I don't want to have them out of the incubator for too long, so I don't look for a long time. I am keeping a VERY close eye on them ( It is my first hatch and all, so I watch them pretty much constantly) so I guess I'll just wait and see as the time gets closer?

The two that looked 'embryonic' really look like a partially developed chick is in a semi-fetal position. I don't think my light is strong enough to see veins though.

Thanks for all the responses, I do feel somewhat better.

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