Eggs and avian flu :)

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    We live in Alabama and are starting to receive alerts regarding precautions with avian flu. My understanding is that avian flu is suspected in a few counties at the north end of our state. We are about five counties south of that area. We have approximately 75 egg laying chickens and expect 55 meat birds to arrive tomorrow. I sell eggs locally and to friends in neighboring counties. I do not wash my eggs prior to selling them. The eggs are fairly clean, but they aren't free from feces in the slightest. We have two wire-enclosed chicken yards (including the top) for the majority of our chickens, however, over a dozen are allowed to roam free and eat spilled grain/feed from our other animals. We do have five ducks in a fenced in area with a water source that wouldn't attract wild ducks (kid swimming pool).

    I'm not worried at the moment, but have decided to go ahead and start utilizing prevention measures as suggested.

    One thing that was not discussed was regarding eggs. If our flock was contaminated, am I right in assuming that I'm selling eggs that are contaminated inside and out? I understand that eggs can be cooked to safety, but should I start washing our eggs? And if so, should I use soap and water along with bleach? Obviously, if our flock becomes contaminated, I would quit selling, but my concern is that I might sell eggs prior to knowing that can spread this to others.

    Any thoughts?
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    I'm very worried myself about this outbreak. I purchased six bantoms from Tacobet, one of the areas that the birds tested positive two weeks ago. I have my fingers crossed that my flock will be fine.
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