Eggs and Heat


11 Years
Nov 1, 2008
Like a dumb dumb yesterday I forgot about the eggs I had in my car. It was nintytwo degrees yesterday so they got pretty warm. Are they still good to eat?
How long were they in there? If it was all day, and If they were refridgerated before hand, then I would throw them out. I wouldn't risk it at all, not with my family. A dozen eggs or even a few dozen isn't worth the risk.

But you also gotta think about if they weren't refridgerated and it was only a couple hours, it could be just like an egg sitting in a nest box on a 95 degree day waiting to be collected....I guess it would depend on whether or not they were refridgerated.
No hadn't been refridgerated yet but they were in there all day with the windows up.
Refrigerate. Use first. Cook well.

You'll have lost a lot of quality (thin, runny whites and yolks likely) but if you eat them soon they'll still be OK. Use them soon. Cook them well.
Nineteen dozen???????? Wowza!

If it were me and I was unsure, I would boil them and give them to my birds!!!

( I do think that they would have been fine anyway, but would have used them quick)

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