eggs and predator snakes?


9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
its getting that time of year here in the south east. chicken snakes are common with eating rats and i am certain they eat eggs also. I have my coop wired up pretty good, but a snake can make holes where holes are not. any suggestions for products, dusts, homemade ideas for keeping them away?
if you go to the search button and key in keeping snakes away and hit search a lot of threads will be available. I too am dreading the summer time because of those creatures. I am sooo afraid of them. I don't mind if I go in and see them in a corner away from the eggs, but if I go in and I don't see them there I get spooked. I did read that sulfer will keep them away. I don't know true it is. I will say this summer I will have lots of it around, also ,moth balls, but don't put any of this so the chickens can eat it.
If you truely have a snake problem a trap made from nylon chicken netting over the point of entry will often times catch your culprit.
In the Southeast your main egg eater is going to be a rat snake - and there are very few that can handle a chicken egg - they are more interested in songbird eggs. They are climbers. If you keep any underbrush or plantings away from your coop that will help. They are always looking to hide somewhere and avoid bare areas when possible. Snakes will help keep those nasty rats and mice away and most are non-venemous. Give me a snake over a rodent any day!!! Any of the those snake-away products are a scam - they don't have a sense of smell like we do.....
I'm in the SE too... I only had one theiving snake last year. It was about 7-8 foot long and other than it scaring my hens... it didn't bother me. However, it did bother my neighbor who also has chickens. Her husband chopped it and I never did see it again. It would get in the coop, eat a egg, and not be able to get out because he had to digest the egg first. lol. I say, let him have a egg. But that is me and my own personal beliefs. Other than him, I haven't had any visitors. My coop isn't air tight, but I have cats who take care of rodents, and dogs that are out in the back free to run once the chickens are up... that helps, I'm sure as far as fuzzy preditors.
I guess my vote is let the snake have a egg.
I do sell hatching eggs. It is a supplimental income for me, so I know I'm letting "profit" go... but really. It's a egg a week or so. Snakes don't eat daily. They aren't made that way. Unless you have a whole nest of snakes, which would be somewhat unlikely as they are loners.
I agree and allowed a 7' plus black snake the right to the occasional egg last summer, when he got greedy and stopped hunting mice I relocated him. Found him a nice commercial growers house to help with mice.

Well, if yours only eats one a week, you are lucky. This one ate all five eggs and couldn't get out, so my DS caught it and we rehomed it at a horse stable feed room. Greedy ! I can count each egg in its middle. Hopefully we won't have more as my DS is begging to keep the next one as a pet.

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