Eggs are hatching!


Feb 20, 2018
Idaho falls, Idaho, U.S.
:wootso I went to feed my pigeons and one of the eggs is hatching! I’m really excited because I haven’t gotten any babies from these birds yet. The other egg probably won’t hatch as I believe it’s day 20 for it bus still hoping :fl. Normally I wouldn’t want winter babies but we had a really warm, snow melting streak... and the birds got busy. Then it got cold again so I thought well they can try...
here’s the baby


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Btw I did not mean to attach those files. And those are turkish takla, of the mardin variety. So super rare and expensive. Which means not a ton of information about them. :barnie
Wow! So I looked up your mardin turkish takla ... those are some incredible acrobats. Especially the 'helicopter' maneuver ! :D

There is quite a bit on the turkish takla, less about the mardin variety specifically.
Unfortunately, when I went to feed them this morning I found the 2nd egg rolled out of the nest. The really sad part is that the baby had been trying to hatch. I picked the egg open and found a fully developed( by which I mean helpless) baby. :hit:he The fist is how I found it and second is after opening. If there are more than 2 pictures it was an accident.
Yeah I will get some of those... the thing is I was not expecting eggs at all and didn’t want to move them. 1 question, does providing a nest bowl encourage adult birds to lay? And if it does you probably remove them in the winter? Thanks for the advice, beating myself up about not thinking of that. I’m the positive side though, it’s warming up considerably here so that’s nice for the squab( is that a meat bird only term? Cause I’m not eating this one)

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