eggs are in the incubator, PLEASE HELP

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    Apr 3, 2012
    hey i have a novital 16 egg incubator, but it dosnt come with a humidity, it just says to fill the holder with water every two days, dosnt say anything about checking the humidity, will it be ok, and ive put 18 eggs in, ive just put the two extras on top of over eggs, it wornt affect the bottom eggs will it,,,,,,, thanks ash
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    decide on what kind of method of incubation you want to do...... the humidity will change from one setting day 1-18 to something different 18-21. Ideally temp should be 99.5 or as close as you can get....

    Here's a good link to help you....

    About the humidity, you should go get a hygrometer somewhere, you can pick up a fairly cheap one at walmart it is digital and has built it thermometer...

    then you can check the temp/humidity and compare it to the info on the link i just posted for you depending on what kind of method of incubation you choose...

    Hope this wasn't confusing.... LOL.

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