eggs are quiteing and im getting blamed for it

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8 Years
Aug 14, 2011
she wanted me to keep the humidity at 55-60 and now most if not all of the eggs quite before lockdown and shes blaming me not keeping the humidity up. these are from our chickens and i have never had a bad hatch with them i either have had all them hatch or eggs sat to long and didnt develop or some just quite early while the rest hatched out just fine. now that i have my own eggs in there my humidity is down to were i have been having my good hatches at i just hope its not to late for my shipped eggs (although 2 have already quite) plus my other eggs from my chickens. why must i get blamed for the eggs quiteing when its not even my fault?
We all have bad hatches every once in a while.
Don't blame yourself, just try again and hopefully you will get a better hatch rate next time.
i still have some in the other incubator so yea doing what i did before this time and hoping for the best

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