Eggs arrived! I can't wait!


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Our eggs arrived on Thursday. WOOHOO! We let them warm to room temp then set them. The bator was running consistently high - about 102F. Both with thermometer and a laser, so we reset it and it's now cruising at 100F. Was that advisable? I didn't want to cook the poor things. The bator has a fan and auto turner.

We'll candle at 7 days and are keeping our fingers crossed. We have two kids, girls eight and five, and are wondering if ducks are preferable to drakes as far as temperament?

Ducks and we get to build stuff. What could be better?

Excited in PA.
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Yes, 100 degrees is just fine for forced air. I use my still airs around 100 degrees as well. What is your humidity at?

Ducks and drakes have the same temperament, they are nothing like chickens! Both will be deathly afraid of you!
At least that's how mine are!

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