Eggs! (but not sure if we have a male) Help?


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Jan 23, 2009
I'd love it if these eggs were fertile but I'm embarrassed to say that I am not even sure if we've got a male.

We only have three pigeons now. I thought all were females because I never saw any of them showing off and doin' their dance. How can I tell the difference between the male Homers and the females? If there is only one male, might that male not display very often? The pigeons are kept a bit away from our house and behind another coop so don't get a good look at them mostly. In fact, I just noticed the two eggs yesterday.

If you have a pair of pigeons, they will take turns sitting on the eggs. The hen will be on the nest at night and morning. The rooster will be on the nest for a short shift usually late morning early afternoon. Watch for the shift change. There isn't a good way to sex pigeons other than observation. Sit out and watch them for a little while. The male will strut his stuff at some point. Of course, if no male is present, you could still have a pair of females. But I would think then you would wind up with four eggs. No idea how they would split up the sitting duties if both are hens.
If there are just two eggs, you probably have a pair. When two hens mate together, both will lay eggs resulting in 4 in the nest.
Okay, I know I'm new but, I may have just read that wrong. lol I'm really not trying to sound childish but I don't get the "two hens mate together" thing. :hmm I'm really just naive. Do you mean that I may have two hens and one male and that the one male bred the two hens? Do they do that? I thought they might only breed with a single mate.

One more question...won't hens lay even if they don't breed (like chickens)? Or are they induced ovulators (like rabbits) and won't lay until they are bred?

Wow, I feel silly asking "birds and bees" questions. I feel the answers should be obvious but....
Two hens can bond and become pairs, take turns mating, build a nest, lay 4 infertile eggs, and incubate them. They don't need males to lay eggs
But they don't lay unless they have some kind of stimulation, whether that be thinking you are her mate, having another hen "mate" with her, or a male mating with her. So if you just have 2 eggs, then you have a male/female at least. If you end up with more, then you have at least 2 hens. Can you post pictures of them?
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Ah! Got it. Thanks for the explanation.
I was pretty certain they were all females so I'll keep checking their pen for more eggs.

I wish I could post pics of these birds but my camera was dipped in maple syrup.
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