Eggs dented, what to to?


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Aug 16, 2013
First time letting my broody hens sit on eggs. I didn't want to end up with too many so they each got two eggs. One was not fertile (candled), the other just disappeared. The remaining two looked great when I candled them but today I noticed that each of them has "peck marks" in them or possibly another egg dropped on them since they all like to lay in the same boxes.They are not big cracks, but they are cracks. Nothing from the inside looks to be coming out of it. My question is....they were due to hatch on Thursday Sept 11th. Should I just let them go and see what happens? I have read about bacteria getting in the shells somehow and harming the chick. What do I do?
Are you certain of the hatch date? It sounds like they are piping (where the chick makes a hole). Try not to disturb them too much. Check again once tonight to see if the 'cracks' are getting bigger, if so I would say you have early hatchers. It can take several hours for the babies to hatch. I have had several hatch on day 18 and be 100% healthy.
Well I marked the eggs with the date that I put them under...and they were fresh withing a day or so. I guess they could be hatching. I guess since they looked more "dented" than outward that is what got me thinking. egg was first...then the maybe they are hatching. OMG this is exciting. Thanks I will check again today and see if they got bigger. Good info...thanks for the quick reply!!
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