Eggs Due 6/15/11 Hatch Along!!!


8 Years
Apr 16, 2011
Vienna, Maine
Hi I have just set up my small (42 egger) Little Giant Incubator!!!

We have had a pretty good turn out with it, so I decided to buy some eggs offline.

I got:
•10 Blue Sumatras
•2 Buff Laced Polish
•2 Blue Polish
•2 Silver Penciled Polish
•4 White Crested Black Polish
•1 Mallard Duck egg (my own)

What do you have in yours Fill out this Form:!!!!

Due Date:
Type Of Incubator:
Amount Of Eggs:
6/15 is my 'exact' hatch date.
I'm hatching 25 Johnny Jumper Game chickens in my Hova-Bator. This is my first hatch and I'm really excited.
6/14/11 is my hatch date. First time so am quite anxious. 4 marans, 6 Ameraucana and 5 mixed brown eggs. Good luck.
Can I join too? Hatch date is 6/11

My second hatch!

12 Blue Ameracuanas
3 Buff Orpingtons
3 Light Brahmas
6 Silver Spangled Hamburgs
7 Black Copper Marans
6 Blue Splash Marans

Little Giant w/fan & auto turner with 37 eggs!

My first hatch I got 3 out of 7 - learned alot hopefully this time I will get a better hatch rate!
My hatch date is on June 10....Just a mix of different banty eggs that I got from a friend. This is my first time trying to hatch eggs, I am so excited. I candled 2 yesterday and could see the embryo eye in there.

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