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So, Q has laid an egg every day for three days now. I worry about calcium depletion at this rate. She is currently on Purina Duck Chow, pellet.

I want to get her some layer food (I think this is what I would want, correct?) but does Purina make it in a pellet? She does NOT like crumbles and will NOT eat it.

We have two feed stores in my town and both of them are difficult to get duck food from. So I'm limited. But if I know what to order, I'm sure they would special order it for me. Can I get some suggestions?

And until then, what should I be giving her to up her calcium intake? She gets a large amount of greens (collards, escarole, turnip greens) and home-raised mealworms, along with a variety of 'grub' she picks up from outside. But I'd like to focus on NOT winding up eggbound, especially so shortly after her surgery.


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Jul 15, 2009
You need to be feeding her oyster shell, give it to her in a seperate bowl from her food and she will eat it as she needs it. Go to your feed store and ask for a bag of oyster shell. As for the feed you can get any brand of layer feed in pellets or crumbles.


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Purina does make a layer, Sunfresh, in pellet form. It has no meat products in it though but if you are already giving her mealworms etc. she should be fine. Try the oyster shell, free choice, & if she won't eat the stuff try egg shell fm hard boiled chicken eggs. I have tried my Scovies on oyster shell but they refuse to eat the stuff
preferring the egg shells fm hard boiled chicken eggs. They are light & "crispy" and they go to town on them.
You should see how much enjoyment they get fm eating those! Cracks me up!!!

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