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10 Years
Feb 21, 2009
Columbia river gorge
Chicken math strikes again. I had 105 eggs when I turned this morning. I knew that I was expecting 30 or so eggs from crazypetlady today in the mail and knew by tonight I would have 135 or so eggs. No problem . Well I was makeing my son scrambled eggs and I get a text from a number I didnt recognize , a lady saying her husband was on his way into town to bring me my dozen eggs
I barely remmebred posting on an online local rummage trade thing on face book about looking for hatching eggs weeks ago. So without talking to her in weeks she texts and her hubby is on his way. So 4.00 later I am stareing at some more eggs.

So They are big they were dirty and they are pretty porous but they are pretty there are two blue a pinkiesh and diffrent shades of tan and brown.
SO if my other eggs come today I will have 147 eggs ish . I knew chickens bred but never knew eggs did


10 Years
Feb 21, 2009
Columbia river gorge
Well the mail came and along with it a box with 36 eggs. One was leaking so that is 35 new eggs for the incubators.
So In wallybator we have 50 Jumbo brown eggs 20 Bobwhite eggs and 12 mixed chicken eggs.
In wilmabator we have one set of 14 chucker eggs due on the 10th and one set of 20 chucker eggs due on the 23rd and 35 mixed chicken eggs. for a grand total of If my chicken math is right thats a grand total of 151 eggs. Set to hatch the 10th , 18th and 23rd of june .


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Apr 19, 2012
Tacoma Washington
That happens to me. after hatching 6 chicks (from a dozen eggs) a friend shows up with 3 dozen eggs. I am glad that only 26 of them are good and might hatch in a week. Out of the 26 I'd be happy to get 12 chicks hatching. He kept the eggs in a fridge so they wouldn't spoil :( I told him not to put them in the fridge next time, that he's better off leaving them either in their nest or on the counter. Ohwell free eggs! Then my mom keeps bugging me to hatch out 2 dozen of her eggs. I can only keep 6 hens. So far 3 chicks are hens. hmmm what to do with the rest..... my mom wants any extra hens.


May 3, 2010
Elgin, TX
It can happen so easily. I have to contain myself when I see eggs I want, just don't have the space/money right now to get any.


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Nov 2, 2011
I had a hen go broody and wanted a couple for her to hatch (she is always going broody so just a couple to keep her happy)

I look on craigs list and found a couple of people that might have fertile eggs. One had BCM, say I would love a couple.
Then she calls and says only one laid and it broke.

OK no biggie had another lady tht said she had some wheatan americauna eggs--email her and say I will take a few. Go to meet her and she has a dozen for me (can't complain as price was free). Then other lady calls while I am picking up eggs and says they have a couple for me (now I can't even remember what kind) so since i told her I wanted them to begin with, I go pick them up. She also throws in a few extras for free.....

I only wanted a cople of eggs to keep the hen happy...

Now I have 16 under 2 broody hens

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