eggs for new years hatch

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    Would be getting these the first week of december, have to be set on dec 11. I have paypal.
    Looking for at least 3 of each breed, but no more than 3 dozen total of
    Silkied seramas
    Frizzle seramas
    Modern game bantam, red pyle or lemon blue
    Standard Ameraucanas, any color (I want blue eggs, I have green(EE's))
    Standard Dark Brahmas
    Standard Leghorns, not white
    Standard BBS cochins
    Standard Russian Orloff

    Probly not any, but……
    Red Caps
    Standard modern games
    Rose comb anconas

    Would like to get 2+ breeds from one place, trying to save on shipping

    Thanks for looking. [​IMG]
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