Eggs Hatching NOW :D


Longfeather Lane
13 Years
Jun 10, 2010
A couple weeks ago I lost my female button quail, Hadron, to an accident. Since my boy, Quark, was bound to be lonely without her and I am apparently the ONLY owner of button quail on the entire east side of Michigan, I fired up the incubator and put all the eggs I had from her into it, and went to order more oyster shell for Quark, which lead me to a guy who also sold chick food..... *shifty eyes* And eggs... so I asked if he could ship 6 eggs with the chick food and oyster shell, and he sent me *25!!* They arrive in two days and went straight in with Hadron's (since some of hers were old and iffy).

Two days ago, I got one little chick from Hadron's eggs... and tonight my 25 are due to hatch! There are four little screaming chicks in there already and I am having a super hard time keeping my paws out of the incubator to let the rest hatch!!! AHHH why is it so difficult!!! I need a distraction!!

Can you blame me??

OMG! How tiny and adorable is that?!! Oh, can't wait for my two coturnix eggs to hatch in 2 weeks!
I hope they both hatch!!! I had to raise Quark as a single quail chick... and hoo boy did he ever make a fuss any time he was left alone. He slept in my hand at night because if he wasn't cuddling someone all he did was scream nonstop at the top of his little quail lungs!!! I'm glad there are a few of them hatching this time XD I've got two pieds and two white so far.... fingers crossed for a few more, I need at least one to be a female!!
Six out now! Three whites and three pieds... and I spy another that has zipped almost all the way round and is picking at the final flaps!!!
I'm so stoked!
LOL! I would love to post some of the ones hatching, but they are all scooting about under the turner rows so I am counting elbows and butts! But, here's another pic of Boson, the one from Hadron's hatch



I'll go try to snap a few of the ones in the incubator!
Well, I had to dive in this morning because two of them had dried into their shells after zipping all the way around. I had to jet out the door to work after helping them, but I pulled 7 little chicks from inside as long as I was in there anyway. That leaves me with 10 little ones including Boson, the original chick from a few days ago. Hopefully there will be a couple more out when I get home! I love coming home to babies
I'll be sure to take pictures!

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