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    Jul 12, 2010
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    Hi,this is the first egg i ever got from my new chickens.

    Does it look suspicious to you, are those too dark spots normal?

    Can diseases to humans be carried in chicken eggs?
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    Don't let the spots freak you out. They did for me also when I first saw them. All that it is is some spotting from blood vessels during the time the egg shell forms. Its common and the girls don't seem bothered by it. I see it mostly on my BA's eggs, so it might be more common in certain breeds, IDK.

    Another thing that freaked me out that's fairly common, especially in newer layers is actual blood covering the shell from during laying.


    As far as disease, none that I'm aware of, unless you have allergies to eggs.

    Relax and enjoy the journey. (I know, easier said than done sometimes.)

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