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  1. adcgroup

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    Nov 30, 2009
    I sent my brother some eggs. He got his shiny new incubator, but didn't waste all his time reading the instructions and put the eggs in large end down and point side up.

    I have talked to him several times, mentioned "point down" and all, but he just said "yeah, yeah" and went on. He has candled his eggs and there are things going on, but when I talked to him this evening, he asked if his eggs should be point down or up. When I told him point down, he informed me he had put them all point up.

    So, he's on about day 9 or 10. Can he just turn them over, or does it need to be a gradual turn - or can he just leave them air-sac down? I've never run into this.

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    Turn them all point down. No need to do it gradual or anything. Just do it. Probably no real harm has been done, but for the chicks to orient themselves for hatching they need to have the air sack at the top.
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    He needs to turn them now.

    I have no idea how much harm may have been done. Someone recently posted that they went through the entire incubating and hatch with the eggs pointed the wrong way and still got one to hatch. But they had a whole lot that did not hatch. Pointy side up is not good, but it may not yet be fatal.

    I call these things like pointy side down guidelines. They don't necessarily mean absolute, certain failure if you don't follow them. That person did get one to hatch, after all. But some of them can really hurt your odds of getting a good hatch. Pointy side down is one that is pretty important.
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  4. adcgroup

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    Nov 30, 2009
    Thanks! In the absence of expert opinion, I told him that I would put them on their side for a few hours, then put them in point down. I'll let him know to get them all in place. I'm hoping it will be in time for them to re-orient if necessary.

    He lives 4 hours away from me and we thought it would be neat to perpetuate my flock to him by sending him some eggs. He hatched a bird under a desk lamp once, so he figured it wasn't rocket science and didn't bother reading his incubator directions. He threw the eggs in and turned it on without getting the temperature consistent so I was shocked to find that when he candled them around day 7 that all but 2 were developing. Then he threw this on me - and the chicks are around day 10 or 11 now. It'll be a miracle if any of them survive!

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