Eggs in the wrong spot

Lady EE

8 Years
May 10, 2011

One of my 20 week old hens has taken to dropping her eggs on the poop board while sitting on the roost. Another hen started laying very thin-shelled eggs directly on the roost. How do I stop this behavior?
At 20 weeks they might not even realize what's going on yet since their new layers. Make sure you have fake eggs in the nest boxes, that helps!!
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I have had some wooden eggs in there for about 3 weeks. Does it matter what color they are? The ones in there are neon green.
Thin shelled eggs is due to a lack of calcium make sure you ar feeding them layer pellets or crumble. if you are and they are still thin make sure they have acces to oyster shell. if you cant find fake eggs golf balls work just as well. if you know about what time they are laying the "misplaced" eggs try moving them to where you want them to lay their eggs. hpoe this is helpful.

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They really need layer feed. When they just start laying you can get all kinds of different looking eggs. Their little bodies are still trying get things going smoothly. No sure about the color of eggs. I had some ceramic ones in mine and they were all an egg color!!
Are you getting eggs in the morning and getting these softshell or even shell less eggs below the roost? If they are just starting to lay and they are laying eggs during the day then these are called, excuse the term please not mine, fart eggs. They are working at getting their laying in order and this is very common when they first start to lay. You should perhaps change their feed to flock raiser if you do not have all of your pullets laying eggs, if they are pullets, and offer free choice oyster shell to them. Also, smash up any egg shells you have and feed them back to your chickens.

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