eggs moving in incubator


May 21, 2015
I am incubating Muscovy duck eggs. A few of the eggs will move. What does that mean and how much longer till they should hatch. The mother duck had laid the egg and sitting. I am not sure how long the eggs had been laid or anything. The mother duck was killed so I took them in and started the incubation process. I had 17 eggs to start and down to 7 eggs now. I was able to candle and determine what were fertile and not fertile. I collected the eggs April 24,2015 and figure no later than May 31 all should hatch. The 7 eggs that remain are completely full and dark, except at the big end of the egg where the air sack is located. I have three egg that has been very dark and full for almost two weeks now. I've not seen any movement. Is there anyway of telling if the duckling has died inside the shell? I have never incubated a thing and just using the web on how to do all of this.
I am getting very excited to see my new babies, but scared that I might do something wrong and cause the death of one of them.
Should I stop turning the eggs at this stage of the game?
Please, I need all the fed back I can get.
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