Eggs Not Hatching, No pip, nothing.


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Sep 12, 2010
We have coturnix quail eggs in the incubator. Wednesday was supposed to be the hatch day. We heard peeping and saw movement the day before. It's now Friday and nothing. The temps and humidity have been all over the place, just not working right.

So yesterday morning my husband decided to start cracking them open to see what was going on. First 4 were duds, no quail in them. So he cracked the next thinking they were all infertile and there was a live bird, fully formed with a big yolk. So we left them. Still today nothing. Should we try to crack them out slowly or should I toss them?

I have another 50 eggs to put in but this was our first go at hatching quail and I'm really upset that it didn't work out. The incubator is only two months old and it worked fine on my last two chicken hatches.

First, what kind of temperatures/humidity have you been using during incubation, then at lockdown
Second, what incubator
Third, how many days have they been in lockdown
Fourth, what day did they go into lockdown

Sorry for the questions, but I think that if we had m ore info to go on, there would be more responses
Also,, you may want to ask the mods to move this to the QUAIL thread for more experienced quail people - they are truly great

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