eggs safe to eat?

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    we have two coops connected to the same chicken yard. A smaller section has been fenced off for the smaller coop that our 12 week marans are now in. For a week now the Marans have been mixing with our year old flock of hens during the day. It is going well so that the four days we have been leaving the gate open between the two and I have occasionally seen one of the "big girls" in the smaller coop.

    During this time we have been surprised by the decrease in egg production by the and wondered if it could be due to the heat.

    This evening I was very surprised to find 14 eggs in the back corner of the smaller coop. These are our missing eggs. Today we gathered a full laying from the big coop nest boxes where we expect to find them. This means the eggs found in the little coop have been there from 1 - 3 days.

    Are these eggs safe to eat? They are clean, look fine, but what has been going on inside them during warm days in the coop? [​IMG]

    Thank you
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    They should be fine, mine sit on the counter at 70-90 degrees for a couple of weeks sometimes. I would crack them into a separate bowl one at a time before using them in something, so in case you get a bad one you don't have to throw away what you were making because you got spoiled egg in it.
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