Eggs - Serama, Silkie & Mille Fleur D'Uccle, want to trade? Pics added


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Aug 20, 2007
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The hens are just getting going, not enough of any one kind to do a full order so I'm offering as a small assortment... 2 white Silkie, 1 Mille Fleur D'Uccle, 2 Serama eggs and whatever is layed tomorrow. $15 includes shipping and I can throw in some purebreed, but mixed color, Banty Cochin eggs to make sure you will get at least a half dozen plus or make it $20 and I will throw in enough of the Banty Cochins to make it a dozen plus. Just thought this odd little assortment might be fun for somebody to try.
Will go out tomorrow afternoon if paypal to [email protected] by 2:00pm tomorrow.

Opps! Editing to add, I will also trade somebody for eggs of a breed/s I don't have.
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I have another Serama and another Silkie egg now if anybody is interested, but I would have to mail these out tomorrow. I don't want to send out old eggs.
Do you have pics of your birds that these are from. I have blue/black silkie eggs I might could trade with you?? But don't know much about some of these breeds. Thanks.

Marie, I don't have pictures right now, but I'm going to try to get some this afternoon. Oh, and no worries on my eggs getting old, I'm just replacing the oldest egg with the fresh ones I'm getting everyday except for the Milles who are still not laying regularly. Blue/Black Silkie eggs would be fun to try. I'll post pics just as soon as I get them done. Thanks, Kim
Thanks. I just hatched some bantam cochins from Bob (muddler6) and they are too cute. I have bantam barred rocks in the bator now (thanks silkieluvr) as well bantam araucana eggs from James (jmhappycowboy). I have blue and black silkies and some are frizzled. I have one bantam faverolle pullet too but not roo. Her eggs are a mix but the chicks have all been cute. I have her separated though so these would all be silkies unless you want to try a couple of the fave mixes. Most have been curled feathers due to my sizzle roo. Just let me know. It will be a week or so before I can ship if that is ok. You can send yours to me now or wait, whatever you want to do. I would love to see pics though. And let me know if you are interested in a swap. How many of each breed do you have?

Here are some pictures, they are horrible! But the best I could get right now. Please forgive the messy coops, it has been raining the last week and they are hideous! Well, the Seramas are currently residing in the garage in a ridicoulously expensive cage designed for breeding parrots because I didn't want to subject them to the cold. They will soon have their own heated coop outside, the crowing in the morning (garage is attached to the house) can be pretty annoying!

The Serama's....

The white Silkie pair ......

The Mille's.....

Marie, I have the one breeding trio of Seramas that has one hen currently laying and a second trio that will probably be at least another month before they get going. I have one Mille roo with five hens, but they are not laying consistently yet this year. I get a couple of eggs a week from the entire bunch. I only have the one pair of silkies right now, but she lays one a day regular as clockwork. I have three more silkie pullets, but I don't think they will be laying for another two months or so. If you want to trade, I will send everything I have from these guys right now, one Mille, four Silkie and four Serama eggs each. The date collected and breed are written in pencil on the eggs themselves. The oldest one is from this Sunday with the freshest collected this morning. You can send some of your silkie and Fave mix eggs in a week or so, that is fine with me. If that sounds good to you, just PM me your shipping info and I will get them shipped to you this afternoon. Otherwise, we can wait til Monday morning and see what I have then. Thanks, Kim
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Sorry I did not check my mail earlier. Monday will be fine and I will send yours monday as well.

I will PM you my personal info.

If you want to see pics of any of my birds you can search my name, I have posted a lot on here over the last few weeks. Or let me know and I can send you some.

I can send you out 6-8 eggs on monday, maybe more. Will have to see. Most will be silkies, a few will be the faverolle silkie mix. But they are still bantam and cute.

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Will get yours out this week.

I will let you know when I send yours out. Please let me know when you mail mine out as well. Hopefully I can get the swap eggs in and set them together.


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