Eggs stuck in the mail! - one hatched!

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  1. They arrived a few days late after being stuck in Denver due to a snowy mountain pass. The interesting thing was despite how cold the box and eggs felt, the temperature inside the egg measured at 40+ degrees and the yolk did not appear to be damaged or scrambled from freezing. I measured by sacrificing one egg and sticking my needle probe thermometer into the middle of it while it was still in the packaging & then gently chipped off the shell to eggtopsy the yolk. Figured I might as well know if they were frozen solid in there.

    Makes me think there's some small chance for a hatchling or two! Hope springs eternal!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    ..[​IMG]..good luck!..keep us posted!
  3. Thanks! I really expected to find eggcicles. I don't think they would have warmed up that much if they had frozen hard during transit?

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    Doesnt take long for an egg to thaw out from what ive seen. I left a carton of eggs outside over night not to long ago, Took about 10-15 at room temp to thaw.

    Good luck !!!!
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    All you can do is try while we wait here breathlessly hoping for affirmation that some of our eggs that got cold could survive!
  6. Day 3 candling shows veining in all the eggs except maybe 1. Not sure about long term viability, but they have made it further than I thought they might!
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    Thats great !!!!! Hope they all make it to be healthy chicks.... Keep us updated !!
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    That's good. Let us know how it goes. [​IMG]
  9. Day 10 candling -

    3 eggs had blood rings and were tossed

    2 are definitely viable and there is a little fish-frog thrashing around inside

    1 looks to be clear, but I reserved it for another look at day 14 just in case the embryo is there but hard to see
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] keeping fingers crossed for ya!![​IMG]

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