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Apr 13, 2011
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I have six red sex links that are 22 weeks old. The first one started laying at about 19 weeks and now all of them are laying. For the most part all of their eggs are really nice and about the size of a large store bought egg. The chick that started first lays just about every day. About a week ago she had a problem where she seemed egg bound but with a little encouragment she laid a rubber shelled egg and everything seemed fine. For the last several days she has laid eggs that are twice the size of her nermal eggs. They are beyound jumbo and do not even fit in the jumbo egg carton. We ate them this morning and all were double yolks. This may all sound great but we are concerned that her eggs are too big and that it is causing a strain on her. She does seem fine and I watched her this morning when she went in to the nest box and laid her egg without much fanfare. Can there be a problem with my chicken laying very large eggs??
in my "vast" knowledge and by reading a lot will even out. My girls just started a week or so ago, I have several LARGE eggs, double yolks, they should get to a normal size in time...keep an eye though in case one of them needs help.
It will usually stop as the chicken gets a bit older and matures. Ours still lay a double once a week, or once every other week but they are still young, just 30 weeks.
I have had 6 Golden Comets (red stars) for 2 1/2 years and once they started laying large eggs it continued. Now I don't get as many daily but they have gotten bigger. Most eggs weigh over 3 1/2 oz. and only fit in my frying fan. They spoiled me so bad I got rid of my Barred Rocks and Buff Orphington because their eggs were so small. Enjoy your large eggs
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So what do you do to "help"???
Thanks for the responses. We certainly enjoyed her eggs this morning and if she continues to lay large, double yolk and has no physical problems, we will continue to enjoy them. Our only problem is that my wife wants to take a picture of each egg when it is a double yolk. Sort of like her children getting a "A" in school.

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