eggs upside down

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7 Years
Mar 26, 2012
Small town KY
I have eggs that go into lockdown sunday. Just candled again tonight and have 3 upside in bator . EE eggs dark green and hard to see inside of. I could see veining in them all along but not much, Tonight for some reason I decided to put light on top of egg and check--- that's where all the veining is at and I think the air sac. Will lay them on their sides in lockdown, anything I can do about this now or just wait and hope they hatch?
All my eggs have a space at both ends before hatching. But when you hold the light to the big end you can see a circle where the airsac ends. when you put it at the small end you don't see the circle.
When eggs are hard to see in I just leave them in the incubator and hope for the best. I had one dark brown egg i couldn't see in at all. It hatched fine without me shining a flashlight in it. :) The rest got tortured with the light every couple of days.

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