10 Years
Sep 29, 2009
I need one dozen of:

Buff Orpingtons
Brown Leghorns
Black Australorp
silver sebright
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where are you in KY? (north central, south central, west, east...?)

check out "KY People" (in "where am I, where are you?" section) you might find someone close to you there.

Try hinkjc for the buff's and AussieSharon for the Welsummers. I've gotten eggs from both of them and have been very pleased.
I appreciate the reccomendations, but I dint have much free time to play with this forum right now, and it doesn't seem to like me. Could these people email me or post here?
Because we are in the fall of the year, I can ship one dozen Buff Orpingtons for $25 including selecting, packing, priority shipping and confirmation delivery. Our normal price is $27. I have two orders I'm filling now. I can ship early next week or possibly on Saturday.

We've been blessed with very healthy buff orpingtons that we feed the best of grains, feed and fresh veggies from our chemical free garden. We farm full time and love our veggies and poultry

Please do check our feedback here:

Birds are here:

Our paypal is
[email protected]

Please let me know if you have any questions.

PS I can also help you with the dozen welsummers. I'll send you an e mail with more information about them. Thanks and have a blessed day.
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This is hinkjc's pm link

this is AussieSharon's

also has nice welsummers, and she has brown leghorns as well, I believe. Here is her pm link

can also check out Bird Brain for the buff orps

are many people on here that have these birds, good luck

ETA: bargain has buff orps also
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Shelley that was so helpful of you! Thanks

Aherp, there are a lot of structural changes going on on the website of BYC. Sorry you had trouble finding things/getting response....If ever you need help, Shelley is a great person to help and I'd be glad to help too!

As I think I mentioned in my e mail to you, we full time farm, so althought it may appear that I'm on the computer, sometimes I forget to logout and leave it running. Hope you find the eggs you need and have a blessed day!

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