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    Oct 6, 2016
    I have khaki campbell and they are not but little over a year and Im not getting any eggs now. and I was getting a lot in the beginning. Then it slowed But all my ducks weren't laying at all. I have 13 hens 1 drake.. And i didn't get 13 eggs a day ever... maybe 3-5 8 the most.. What does every one feed them? I've fed them chicken scratch and pellets
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    I would just feed them layer pellets, free choice oyster shell on the side, some greens (mine like dandelion and lamb's quarter - those are weeds that grow around here so they are free).

    You could try a little bit of dry cat kibble - like, a tablespoon each - a few times a week.

    They may just be taking a rest.

    The scratch gives calories but not much nutrition, so they may not be getting enough vitamins and other stuff.
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