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    Mar 5, 2009
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    This morning I got up, let the geese out of their night shelters, put food and water into their tents (we use tents for their food and water and a place for them to get out of the wind), then go into the house to get some hot water for their pools. I went in the house until 10am when I started making my rounds to collect chicken eggs and I noticed something on the ground inside the one goose run where Peter, Pansy, and Petunia are. I went in to investigate and it was an egg!

    I put it into my basket, went on my way and when I came back I went into the run to check their food and water and there was an egg in the tent. Both Pansy and Petunia laid today. I checked Casper, Caressa, and Peony's run and buildings, no eggs there.

    I was really hoping that there wouldn't be any eggs until spring. Is there anything I can do to discourage them from laying? Of course they might not be fertile but I would really wish they would wait.

    Any solutions?

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    Quote:None that I know of!

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