9 Years
Jun 24, 2010
Bedford co. PA
Does anyone have any color variety of goldens or amherst eggs yet? reall anxious to get some in the incubator and not sure if mine will lay this year.early/ mid 2010 hatches, male has a little color but not really much yet.
wasnt really a wanted to buy post, just curious as to whether anyone had any eggs yet, but heck if you do got some for sale let me know.
My 2009 red golden pheasant started laying middle of February. At first i got an egg every other day, then she quit for several days...then i got another couple eggs. I havent gotten anymore in a week now. I suspect it was only an older hen just starting, the other hen is not going to the box yet. Should be anytime i think, for them to get started. But you are right about the younger pheasant...they do lay later, may give very few eggs, and wont really lay good til the next season. Atleast that is what mine did.

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