eggs !!


In the Brooder
7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
Today too my surprise I have found five eggs woahl! !! It was def one feeling of total excitement! ! Especially when you think chooki had finished laying ! Very awesome feeling so eggs n toast tommrow I think! I don't know if any one gets extremely excited about eggs but its def a very kwl feeling when you ruffle through the hay and bingo eggs! :) four of them where in the garden and only one in her coop! Interesting finding them in the garden how do I get her to just lay them in her bed and do chickens lay at night or any time? And can egg laying make them tempamental
Hey guys was wondering if anyone knows something about this my chooki has had an egg Resting in her breast for the last two days and just wondering why isn't she going into her box and laying I haven't had this problem before but is there something wrong w her ? Now I have her dominance issues sorted problem two has come about !

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