I cannot tell from the photo's but if you see webbing then yes, great job!!! only 15 more days to go... your almost 1/3 of the way there... (It always seems the first week and the last 4 days are the longest!!!
ive never candled an egg before today. i am using a small led flash light. what is the best way to see the veins?
Ty. I'll try again in a few days. I don't want to disturb my bossy little Beatrix. These little eggs are for my kiddos. Great learning experience! I wanted to check them before I candled them for the kids. I didn't want to show them a dud. I'll try to post better pics this weekend.

Thank you for your help =)
your very welcome!! although I don't have kids at home ( 23 year old daughter doesn't count l) the grandkids get excited to.come, nanny always got.some new baby's to show them :)
Aww :) this is our first year with chickens. We love them. They are very addictive! We started out with 6 and somehow ended up with 17! We want to get some easter eggers next spring. I love the pretty eggs. My 6 year old gets excited to see our one little bantam Easter egger lay her pretty baby blue egg. With our 3 little ones and my 2 nieces and my nephew these 2 little eggs already have lots of love to jurisprudence them thriving :)
the first two eggs have stopped growing but all is not lost. we have another hen sitting on 4 more (2 double yolks)

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