Eglu Cube?

It’s very cute, VERY expensive and would house around 2.5 medium-sized hens humanely (but only if they’re not snowbound for a week or two). You want 4sq ft per medium-sized adult bird assuming there will be a reasonably-sized outside run available year-round.

Around here you could buy a 10’ x 10’ shed for around that price (in USD—I have no idea of the conversion rate :confused:). We bought one. Unfortunately it’s now full of tools. :barnieThe chickens got the old (larger, but built of metal) shed that was better-located for them. I have a cute little coop that was supposed to house 12 hens. :lau Yeah, right. I’m shepherding them through high winds and spitting snow two months later, into the hastily prepared metal shed. Thank goodness we had it, and the new shed to empty its contents into. They were snowbound for two weeks and that wasn’t the last time by a long shot.

You don’t need a purpose-built coop. I know it’s hard figuring out your way when you’re starting a new project, proposing to care for living creatures about whom you may have little more than what you’ve read online, books, magazines, etc. to go on. You need a sheltered, ventilated room with 4 sq ft per bird unless they will never be confined to it during the day. If it’s a bedroom-only coop, you could go with one linear ft of roost per bird, roosts (if there will be more than one) around a ft apart. They’ll cuddle up as close as they possibly can, even in summer, but 1 ft per bird is what they say.

If you do give them the minimum space possible, you’ll need to clean daily. I have mine in that kind of setting over summer, but I move the coops daily and give them a huge paddock, which I move every 4-5 days.

Nesting boxes can be as simple as a row of fastened down plastic tubs against a wall, filled with straw or etc., or as complex and cute as you like. It’s nice to give them a cubby but they’ll lay their eggs irregardless of the space provided.

They’re chickens. Pioneers had them, and all they got for feed was the meager scraps from a hungry family’s meals. They lived in the stable or under the doorsteps and they survived, thrived, mothered chicks, provided meat and eggs, helped control rodents and were valued members of the homestead. You’ve got this.
Hello! I have been reading good reviews for this coop. Im thinking of getting the biggest one with the wheels and the 4m run. It says it's good for 6 to 8 medium size hens. Anybody have experience with this coop? Would 6 truly be ok? Thanks!

Did you end up getting it? And if so, how is it going?

My hubby and I built an indoor coop for our 6 wee young birds. It was relatively the same size (4×4×8 with an indoor area of 4×4×2h) and for the coming winter we ended up building an indoor coop to the side of our shed so the girls could have some room to move and get away from eachother when one was feeling dominant.
I feel this one you showed would do 3 very well associated birds or 2 that had a dominance thing going on.

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