Egyptian geese


11 Years
Jul 19, 2008
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My Coop
Can the smaller egyptian geese really be a threat to adult chinese geese and adult muscovy ducks? I have a hard time believing such a small waterfowl would cause much problems for bigger more aggressive birds!
I had a pair that killed one of my sebastopol geese. they really are crazy. I would keep them locked up....JMHO
Yes, especially during breeding season. Egyptian geese are very aggressive. The females can be just as aggressive as the males too. We keep ours penned seperatly from everything else. They will even be mean to other egyptians. Even if raised together. Usually best if kept in mated pairs. We even had a pair that where raised together and had always been fine then one day the male just started being very aggressive with the female and would not let up. We sold that male and the female is mateless and happily living with our flock of runners. She is very sweet, but our other egyptians will not accept her...she is the ugly duckling! (but a truley beautiful white egyptain!)

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