Eight Week Old Muscovy Ducklings Feather Picking


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Feb 16, 2010
Grant Park, Illinois
So, I was told they might be bored, moved them (8 ducklings) and Momma to a much larger coop with enclosed outdoor run. However the babies are still picking at each other's wing feathers.

I saw a suggestion somewhere to hang a head of lettuce, put peas in a bowl of water for them to dive for, etc. However, they don't have adult feathers yet and I am concerned about them getting wet. I am in the suburbs of Chicago and it is getting COLD outside.

Does anyone have suggestions for me?
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They dont need their adult feathers to be able to swim. They just need their coat of oil on their feathers. I started mine swimming at a few weeks old. Short swims in a shallow dish will help to start them preening (oiling their feathers).
I had heard that if the ducklings are raised by a momma duck, that they will have her oil on their feathers and be able to swim because of that. Not sure if that is accurate or not, but I do know that the wild ducklings sure don't wait until they are feathered out to go swimming, so it makes sense.
My last clutch, the mama duck had them swimming in a small tub by under 2wks old. I think i have a pic... they were a touch older in this pic but you get the general idea.


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