Electric bug zappers??? A good idea in the run area or not?


8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
I can't find anything on Electric bug zappers, but I thought that if I hung one up in my run area that the bugs would die then fall and the chix could eat them. Plus I could avoid fly catchers and etc. The spot I'm thinking of hanging it wouldn't be a potential touching hazzard for the girls. So any thoughts good or bad????
I thought about it but wasnt sure how they would do with that light on all night and all the zapping sounds. I am way too lazy to go out there and turn it off and on as needed. I have a couple acre pond around 100 feet from the coop so I get a lot of buggies flying around in there starting at dusk.
I think it's a great idea. I had one in my yard for years. I big toad took up residence at the base of it and just got huge. Heck he didn't even have to move to get feed.
It's the time of year for moths here. The girls, bless their hearts, pounce on them whenever they get within 3 feet of the floor. There is an electric bug zapper in the garage. Sounds like an odd place but that's where they get in the house from. It has LED's in it and a fan that sucks them in, so there is no real zapping going on. I would steer clear of an actual zapper in the coop.
Those of you who expressed concern about the safety of bug zappers around your chickens should consider putting it on a timer. The bug zapper won't come on til after dark when you birds have gone to roost.

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