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    Aug 30, 2013
    I have run an extension cord to my coop to have the lights and brooder lamps in there. My question is this. Which would be raising my electric bill higher....the brooder lamps or the 2 60 watt bulb lights? Or more specific, which one should I leave off to keep my electric down? I know that having it out there and on will raise my bill, but which would cause more electric to be used?
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    You did not mention what wattage bulbs you are using in your brooder lamps!

    You can do the math: A 60W bulb = 0.06 kwh
    Typical energy usage is around 10 cents per 1 kwh

    So if you light one 60W bulb all day it will cost you around 14 cents worth of energy per day. Not sure if your lighting is for egg production or to add some heat. I run a few 250W heat bulbs (red) in brooder lamps for egg production and a warming station for the birds during the Winter months. Our hens give us 7 dollars worth of eggs/day so they pretty much pay for their elec and feed. :)




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