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    Hi all,

    Getting excited, we have about 6 weeks until our chicks arrive. We wanted to wait until after our week long camping trip in June to avoid mom-in-law having to babysit the cats, ferrets, snakes, AND chicks. Didn't want to come home to something crazy having happened.

    Anyhow, I was wondering if it is smart to add electrolytes to the waterer for chicks that just arrived in the mail. I want to be prepared when they arrive and I was thinking that if they spend a day or two in the mail with no water, electrolytes might be a good boost for when they arrive. I saw a packet of chick electrolytes at our local TSC, but wanted to check with you all before adding it to my shopping list. [​IMG]


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    Yes. They also sell a gel that has everything in it. It is like the terra sorb granules but has vits and mins and all that good stuff. they also peck at it without you having to teach them how to drink. Although, if you dip each chicks beak into the water they will figure it out easily enough.
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