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    Jun 16, 2010
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    Anyone have this for their poultry/rabbits/etc? I was going to fence around the patch used for the tractors and then move it all to a different location when the grass is done in that area. I fear coons, possums, coyotes and possible neighbor dogs getting my animals and if I'm going to put money into raising them up for food then I surely don't want to leave room for predators to get free meals! Once they got a good shock I would think they would NOT hang around. I also fear that raising up poultry and rabbits will attract things to my property and I have 2 very curious beagles that I don't want being attacked either. Thoughts?
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    Apr 14, 2010
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    I personally went with T-posts insulators and regular electric fence wire which was all available locally. My fence also has 4' tall 2"x4" welded wire fencing. Electric fencing starts at 6" off of the ground and is spaced 6" apart. Since most electric fence chargers pulse every couple of seconds then fence should slow down a predator long enough to get a zap. With a light fencing option an aggressive predator predator might be able to slip through or knock down the fence between pulses.
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    Quote:We have lived in our house almost 5 years and never saw anything but squirrel here until we got our chickens last fall. Now we host squirrels, rabbits, a black snake, and a possum, not to mention the family of raccoon (dad, mom, and 4 youngsters) that we killed last week. I'm sure that all these animals see us taking care of the chickens, see that the chickens don't feel threatened here, and consider us a refuge. All are welcome until they start molesting my girls.

    We are considering adding electric fence to our current line of defense.

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