Electronic Sonic Racoon/fox repellant?


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Jun 18, 2016
Orange County, CA.
Ok, so I have a couple of ducks, plan on 1 or 2 more, and am getting 3 hens. I have no foxes, but tons of rats, possum and raccoons. I am looking at all sorts of repellents. I bought a humane trap but the trap proved to not work very well. So I looked into that mint spray, and saw the sonic repellant units. This is what has got me thinking. I have a dog, I have a cat, and have 2 ducks thus far. So, I know and see that some units let you pick the level of pitch for different rodents, but, I would think the fox/raccoon setting would drive my dog or cat or both nuts. And I would have to buy 2 of them with a setting for raccoons and possums and another for rats. I don't see how my dog. Cat, and maybe birds wouldn't be affected by them. Does anyone have Experience with sonic repellents or any repellents that work? My coop/coops and run/pen are totally predator proof, but, my garden still gets eaten up, and I don't want the raccoons to spook my babies trying to constantly get in, plus, the rats are going to be a problem with eggs I'm sure. ??? Any help is Greatly Appreciated. :)
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Our first night pen had half inch hardware cloth and electric fence. On a couple of occasions I heard raccoons yelping and running away.

Some folks have livestock guard animals that can discourage them - but a strong fence seems to me to be the way to protect the ducks.
Thanks all. My coop is like Fort Knox. I left one of the doors open by accident a couple of weeks ago and my duck was attacked and killed. I haven't built a pen/run yet. My coop is almost a pen itself, 10ft long and 4ft wide, has a swimming pool and little house in it. But it is just for night time. I am out with my ducks during the day, in close proximity, and the Hawks know it. I don't want the raccoons even around at all. Not only do they spook my ducks, but they chew on my garden and eat my vegetables. So do the possum, and the rats. A lot of the reason I'm looking to see if pepper shake, mint spray, or sonic works, is just to protect my garden, that because of different reasons, can't be fenced off. No guns are allowed to be fired in city limits, and my my live traps door won't stay open. Tv shows mint spray, for rats, possum, and racc's. Havahart has black pepper/ceyenne pepper shake. I got rid of coyotes with chunks of garlic and ceyenne pepper everywhere, along with me urinating around my property, keeping flood lights on, and a radio on. Right now I'm doing radio and flood lights, but haven't camped out on my roof to see if raccoons are coming around. At least by my coop. The garden has rat, squirrel, possum/raccoon poop in it, so I need to take care of that problem in a humane way. I won't even kill rats. I keep my cat indoors because he started killing birds and rats and I wasn't having that. I just need repellents. I have watched YouTube, I have scoured the web, but I figured the people that would know the most would be right here on BYC. If shotguns are the only thing I can do about possum and raccoons, and poison bait for the rats which will also kill the squirrels that I feed, I guess I will just let them do what they do to the garden, and let them spook the ducks and chickens. They won't be attacking or killing my birds anymore for sure though.
I don't have any repellant advise for you but I use a solar-powered light that flashes constantly, and irregularly, at night. Dusk to dawn. I haven't had any animals come close to my ducks, not even during the day, so I'd say it's successful- for over 6 weeks now.
we Cayenne pepper and so far so good and it wont hurt the ducks or bother a deer family

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