Elly, the story of a Crooked Crevcouer

Aug 13, 2017
the coop

Meet Elly. :) She is my Crevcouer hen. Elly has a condition known as cross beak (aka: lateral beak deviation): A condition which you can read more about here: http://thewayofthechicken.com/index.php/2017/11/09/crossed-beak-chickens/).

Though I did not know much about cross-beak previously, I delved into research after noticing her twisted beak (she was 1 week old when I spotted the twist).


I loved Elly... a lot. I also wanted her to be a healthy and happy girl... If that was not possible, was prepared to euthanize her out of humane convictions... even though the mere thought was heartbreaking. However, Elly's case was only moderate and not serious. With some TLC and a little hand with food and hygiene, she thrived... She is almost a year old and strong and healthy. Additionally, her defect has definately not dampened her high spirits and happy, friendly nature...


Above: Elly beside Daisy, our brindle Mastiff dog... yeah, the dog is wearing a Rudolf the red nose reindeer sweater.

Partially do to the TLC, Elly grew rather attached to me... (and I to her). She follows me around the yard and I dig up worms for her... I smile when I hear her little pattering feet at my heels. Elly is also trained: she comes at my call. No matter wherever she is, if she can hear it, she comes...

This world we live in is corrupt and broken... However, there is beauty to be seen through this life. Through the things that God gave us, I can see his love... even in a crossed beak Crevcouer chick. ;)


You can read more about Elly's story and see more pictures here:
http://thewayofthechicken.com/index.php/2017/08/31/elly-crooked-crevcouer/ :jumpy

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