Elusive Opossum Battle

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8 Years
Jul 27, 2011
Larryville, KS
Hey guys. I've been trying to live trap an opossum for at least two months. I have bated the trap with veggies, peanut butter, crackers and it always seems to figure out how to get the food without actually going inside the trap. Today I caught a squirrel instead of the opossum. Any advice?? I really want to just live trap it and set it free miles from here. I'm so sick of this thing!
It's eating all of the chicken feed, making a bed and ripping up our garden shed. I have seen it, so I can confirm it's an opossum.
Catch oppossum, confine it to a feed barrel* for a few days with catfood and water. Then clean up mess and see if messing up occurs again. Do not rule out possibility of two or more oppossums. If messing stops, then oppossum caugth was problem, if not then another party.

Sometimes a racoon and oppossum will work same site and both will eat chicken feed. Occasionally an oppossum will tear open a feed sack but they are not good at it.

Racoons do sometimes knock stuff and spill things, especially if a sow and kits involved.

*Confinement itself not may not be legal so keep that under your hat. If you are not confident in your coop's ability to keep oppossum out, then dispatch critter, otherwise release.

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