Elvis is coming!!!


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
I thought about not saying a thing about this for a couple of reasons,
one because I know someone here will probably make fun of me and
secondly because I don't want everyone crowding into my town for his

I know you all think Elvis died back there in '77, but that isn't true. He's
just living a quiter life these days. He's got a little quiet life going on now,
got him a job down at the K-Mart. I know it's him, I see him there all the time.

But he denies his past when asked. No autographs, no pictures. Keeps a
low profile.

You can't fool me. I know what I know.

Every once in a while Elvis gets to thinking about the old days, how it felt to
be on the stage, his fans. He calls his band, TCB. He makes one of those rare

This weekend is one of those times.

Elvis is coming to our bean dinner Saturday. Alive, and in person. Two Shows.
Free Concert. I'm already dancing. Got my original fourty year old blue suede
shoes on, booked a room in the Heartbreak Hotel, and my wife is all shook up.

I knew all about it, thought we had it covered on the sly, but someone leaked it
to the newspaper. Came out on yesterdays front page. (I think it was the manager
from K-Mart, mad 'cause Elvis took the day off) So, there will probably be a big crowd

But I'm ready...already planning on taking my sleeping bag over, going to spend the
night. My wife doesn't want to because it's supposed to rain tonight. Plus, we can
see the stage from our yard.

An inpersonator? I don't think so!!! He claims his name is "really" Dwight these days.
But I think he's lying about that. Looks just like the real thing, sounds like the real
Elvis. Plus, he's got all of Elvis's old clothes...and he's even got Elvis's band. And the
real proof is that pink Cadillac he drives around in.

It's gonna be a good weekend.

The King is BACK.

Spook (who might be a real Elvis Fan)
You rock on Spook!

Will there be pictures or video to document this wonderful event? Will you drag the couch onto the porch for your wife to watch in style and comfort?

Can the KING be back, if he was never really gone to begin with?

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